Wake Up Tucson
Chris DeSimone is waking up the community, shining a light on backroom politics and informing Tucson every morning. Tackling local issues in a no-nonsense manner, while still having a good time.
The Creative City Show
The Creative City Show shares the stories and strategies of the people, places, and ideas creating Tucson's future. Highlighting organizations and individuals who are excelling at bringing people together, mentoring the next generation, and investing in ideas that impact.
Eye On The Ball
Steve Rivera will cover sports from across the globe but Steve is particularly wild about Arizona sports. Steve has covered U of A men's basketball for more than 25 years. He has been named one of the top 16 college basketball writers in America.
Big Brothers, Big Sisters
Bill Fields
Dixie Wooten
Betsy Bruce
Anthony Gimino
Tony Bathey
Lee Shappell
09/11/19 CPR2U
Greg Hansen
Big Brothers, Big Sisters

Chris Gartrell, Carlos Chavez

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