Brushfires of Freedom
Sean Hofhine is the manager at Southwest Industrial Rigging, an industrial service provider here in Tucson. A resident of Tucson since 1991, Sean has been involved with manufacturing, industry, power companies, construction and mining in Southern Arizona the entire time, and offers a unique perspective on liberty, freedom, and history.
Education Issues
Steps you can take to help others
Independence Day
American Freedom
Father's Day
Small kitchens
Survival technics
History of fallen nations
Memorial Day program
Food Freedom and Revolutionary Living
Education Issues

Sean talks about the plight of education in our country, and shares some food tips!

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Hammer Time
Every Sunday afternoon you’ll have an informative hour on construction, remodeling and the home of your dreams.
Countertops and more
Cabinet Issues
Summertime Issues
Energy efficency
Happy Father's Day
Cabinets and countertops
Re-air from 01-13-19
Mueller Report
doors and latches
Countertops and more

Maurice announces a new cabinet line and discusses medicine cabinets, roofing, insulation R-factor and more

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The Prather Point
You can’t fit Jeff Prather in a box! He is a published author, SAG TV, and film actor, chaplain, soldier, cop, whistle-blower, firearms instructor, martial artist, father, husband, public speaker, horseman, artist, mentor, counselor, and teacher.
Epstein/ Mueller and Antifa

Jeff talks about fake news and this week's REAL news and the back stories behind them

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