Law Matters
Law Matters mission is to carry out non-partisan research, education, and informational activities by opening the lines of communication through public media, and classroom settings between law enforcement, lawmakers, law litigators, and military personnel, whose goal of increasing awareness, serves to avoid illicit drug and criminal activities, preventing deterioration of neighborhoods.
Quality of life on the border
Hate Crimes vs. Bias
Innovations in Criminal Justice
Voters laws
Sanctuary City
Child Abuse
Jury Duty
Law Enforcement representation
Sex tafficking
Quality of life on the border

Cochise Co. Sheriff mark Dannels and ranchers from the border

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Smart Talk
Smart Talk, with Robin and Al, a lively and provocative discussion of today’s educational and political issues.
Smart Talk repeat broadcast

from April 27th, 2019

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Inside Track
Bruce Ash was a member of The Inside Track team with the great Emil Franzi for many years. Bruce has relaunched Inside Track to deliver real news, straight talk and great guests and callers in the same tradition to KVOI radio listeners in Southern Arizona.
Veterans Day
Middle East conflict
Vote "NO" on Prop. 205
Bruce on Politics
Bill Buckmaster
Political update - Impeachment
Bruce Interviews Ed Ackerley
Interview with Ed Ackerly
Program for 09-07-19
Veterans Day

Former military pilots Don Shepperd and Benny White join Bruce and Eb

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Around The Table
Around The Table welcomes Tucson’s most interesting and influential taste makers, news makers and movers & shakers, everyday live in the City of Gastronomy. Tune in, break bread and join the convivial conversation about the food, culture, entertainment and tourism that make this place delicious.
Jenifer talks Thanksgiving

Jennifer speaks with Alan Williams, film critic and Ramon Valadez

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John C. Scott Political Forum
The John C. Scott Show is the longest running political talk show in Arizona history. A Golden Mic award winning broadcaster, John's show has aired in Tucson for Three decades. Tune in to the John C. Scott political forum for discussion of the issues that matter most to Southern Arizona.
John talks politics Hour 1

John talks with Jeff Rogers and Larry Bodine

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