Law Matters
Law Matters mission is to carry out non-partisan research, education, and informational activities by opening the lines of communication through public media, and classroom settings between law enforcement, lawmakers, law litigators, and military personnel, whose goal of increasing awareness, serves to avoid illicit drug and criminal activities, preventing deterioration of neighborhoods.
Cyber security and our elections
Electoral College
Pima County Search and Rescue
IRS and taxes
Current county events
Human and Sex Trafficing
Army Air National Guard and Pima County Sheriff working together on a youth program
Tax Prep
U.S. Customs and Border Protection
Holiday Safety
Cyber security and our elections

Guests include Kim Challender, Asst. Chief Deputy of the Pima County Recorder’s Office/ US Air Force Sgt Paul Capili and Lt Nathan Tingley

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Smart Talk
Smart Talk, with Robin and Al, a lively and provocative discussion of today’s educational and political issues.
WOW Arizona
Space/ Astronomy/ Everything!
Retirement Tribute to Dan Sharp – Oro Valley Police Chief
Arizona Education Policy
Replay of program aired 09-21-19
China Today
Education Activisim
Political Messaging
Funding our schools
WOW Arizona

Problems and solutions facing our state

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American Warrior Radio
Studies show an increasing chasm of understanding between the civilian population and those who protect us at home and abroad. For over a decade, American Warrior Radio has helped to bridge that gap by telling the stories of our men & women in the military and first-responder communities.
H K Roy
Dan Pederson – Top Gun founder
Astronaut Jim McDivitt
B-17 Bomber Pilot
PTSD and service dogs
Suicide among 1st responders and military
Jeff "Tico" Tice
H K Roy

Ben talks with former CIA agent and author H K Roy

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Inside Track
Bruce Ash was a member of The Inside Track team with the great Emil Franzi for many years. Bruce has relaunched Inside Track to deliver real news, straight talk and great guests and callers in the same tradition to KVOI radio listeners in Southern Arizona.
Guest author David Horowitz

Bruce and Eb speak with author David Horowitz about his book, A Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America

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Around The Table
Around The Table welcomes Tucson’s most interesting and influential taste makers, news makers and movers & shakers, everyday live in the City of Gastronomy. Tune in, break bread and join the convivial conversation about the food, culture, entertainment and tourism that make this place delicious.
Happy New Year!
Christmas program
20th Anniversary Show
Christmas is coming!
Around the Table
Thanksgiving program
Around the Table remote broadcast from Bear Canyon
Jenifer talks Thanksgiving
Live Remote Show from Ken's BBQ
Remote with Jennifer
Happy New Year!

Jennifer brings in the New Year 2020.

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