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A dramatic retelling of important moments in Tucson's history, followed by insightful interviews with Tucsonans of all stripes.
Where Are Our Freeways?
The Crash
Introducing The Tucson History Podcast
Where Are Our Freeways?

In the fifties the landscape of America was changing but Tucson never joined the ranks of cities with a freeway culture decade after decade the crosstown freeways never came. As we enter the third decade of the century, the Tucson History Podcast from 1030 The Voice explores what might’ve been. What stopped them, is too late to build them and is it even still a good idea? Where are our freeways?

Featuring Guests:
Gene Caywood, Tucson Transportation Historian

Diana Alarcon, Tucson Department of Transportation Director

Steve Farley, Former AZ State Representative and Senator

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