The mission of “America’s Fabric,” an association of citizens in Tucson, Arizona, is to communicate a positive understanding of America’s heritage and to make clear why individuals from so many nations around the world have for centuries sought to live in the United States. “America’s Fabric” is based on the belief that a free government’s fabric is woven from the moral fiber and knowledge of its citizens and the judgement that Americans in confronting the grave challenges of today’s world must be united in our love of our country and seek before anything else what is good for our beloved country.

“America’s Fabric” is a radio series dedicated to communicating those historical beliefs that have made the United States of America a great nation. One of the principles around which the series has been constructed is the idea that seekig remedies to the challenges of today’s world requires Americans to rise above their particular political affiliations and to unite in our love for our country. We should note, and remember, that the often-quoted saying “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scroundrel” is a criticism of scoundrels, not patriotism.