COVID-19 And Changes In Consumer Behavior

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The novel coronavirus and the economic shutdown, have caused changes in the way many shop, eat and communicate. But what many are eager to know is if these changes in consumer behavior are likely to stay? Sabrina Helm Associate Professor in the Norton School of Family and... Read More.

Tucson Startup Announces $500,000 Crowdfunding Campaign to Solve Housing Affordability

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Tucson has an issue with housing affordability, and one local startup is looking to solve that problem. On Tipping Point with Zach Yentzer Friday on AM 1030 The Voice, founders of Tucson startup Stackhouse, Janelle Briggs and Ryan Egan, broke news when they announced the launch of a... Read More.

On Chinese Investments and Other Topics, Kelly Stays On Message

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Democratic Senatorial Candidate Mark Kelly was on Tipping Point with Zach Yentzer Wednesday and largely stayed on message while addressing the governments response to the novel coronavirus pandemic, border security and the topic of China. Kelly also stuck by World View Enterprises, the company he helped found, as questions... Read More.

With Title 19, Border Crossings Down 400K Per Day

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Customs and Border Protection agents are part of the frontline in the fight against COVID-19, working to keep the country safe, while at the same time allowing the supply chain to stay in tact. Acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan was on Wake Up Tucson... Read More.

Sen. McSally Will Not Debate Primary Challenger

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Sen. Martha McSally said she would not debate her 2020 primary challenger Daniel McCarthy. McSally was on Wake Up Tucson Wednesday and when asked why she wouldn't debate McCarthy she said she was focused on beating Mark Kelly (D) in the general election. DeSimone: I have a lot... Read More.

Has Wearing A Mask Become Political?

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Wearing a mask has become controversial, and to some the choice to wear and not wear the mask has become political. Will Humble the executive director for the Arizona Public Health Association and former director of the Arizona Department of Health Services, joined Bill Buckmaster on The Buckmaster Show... Read More.

Hammond: The Road Ahead for Tucson’s Economic Recovery

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There are signs of some small recovery, but a long road ahead according to University of Arizona Economic and Business Research Center Director George Hammond. In an interview with Zach Yentzer on "Tipping Point," Hammond discussed how the local economic recovery looks. Card-based transactions during the stay-at-home order were down... Read More.

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