Customs and Border Protection agents are part of the frontline in the fight against COVID-19, working to keep the country safe, while at the same time allowing the supply chain to stay in tact. Acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan was on Wake Up Tucson Thursday and said while the treat and risk posed by infections disease has always been there, in the post-COVID world CBP has had to shift their mindset to public health.

Apprehensions were already down prior to COVID-19, acting Commissioner Morgan said in the previous 10 months prior to the pandemic apprehensions were down 70-percent. According to Morgan, pre-COVID custody numbers had gone from 20,000 to about 3,500.

Post-COVID with Title 19 in place and all non-essential travel at the northern and southern borders halted, the number of people traveling across the border dropped by 400,000 people per day on both the northern and southern borders. “That’s absolutely effective containment and mitigation strategy” Morgan said.

Hear the full interview below.

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