Tucson has an issue with housing affordability, and one local startup is looking to solve that problem. On Tipping Point with Zach Yentzer Friday on AM 1030 The Voice, founders of Tucson startup Stackhouse, Janelle Briggs and Ryan Egan, broke news when they announced the launch of a $500,000 crowdfunding campaign to invest in their company that aims to solve housing affordability in urban centers.

Stackhouse is a real estate development company bringing shipping container tiny homes to downtown areas. They are building the first-ever vertical container communities, starting in Tucson. Units start at $45,000, same as an SUV. Renters in Tucson will expect to pay $650-$1,300, which includes all utilities and other costs, and varies based on user-design and location within the vertical community.

The $500,000 dollars will be raised on the crowdfunding platform WeFunder, allowing individuals to invest a minimum of $100 to be equity partners.

Those interested can contact Briggs and Egan to be an Early Bird Investor by emailing [email protected], or can invest once the campaign publicly launches on June 11.

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