Pima County Supervisor Ramon Valadez says he will be pushing for a required mask ordinance in Pima County. Valadez, who is the chair of the Pima County Board of Supervisors, told Zach Yentzer, host of Tipping Point, that he would be pushing for a required mask ordinance in Pima County at an emergency meeting of the Board on 3pm on Friday. There is an expectation that the two other Democrats on the Board will do the same, for a 3-2 passage of the ordinance.

Valadez was surprised by Governor Doug Ducey’s Wednesday press conference in which he allowed for local jurisdictions to have the authority to require face masks. Valdez and Supervisor Sharon Bronson cosigned a letter earlier asking for that authority.

Valadez was not clear on what enforcement would look like, but has the authority from the State as the public health entity for the region to first, education, and then enforce within the existing law if need be.

Whatever is decided by the Board will apply to all the towns and cities within the County.

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