Sen. Martha McSally said she would not debate her 2020 primary challenger Daniel McCarthy. McSally was on Wake Up Tucson Wednesday and when asked why she wouldn’t debate McCarthy she said she was focused on beating Mark Kelly (D) in the general election.

DeSimone: I have a lot of listeners that have emailed me today and I’ve got to ask the question – are you willing to do a primary debate?

McSally: We’re focused on beating Mark Kelly. That’s the importance of this election and it’s all hands on deck to make sure that Chuck Schumer is not in charge.

DeSimone: So my question is, and you didn’t do a primary debate two years ago and now you don’t want to do one now, why? I guess what’s the problem with that? I understand about Mark Kelly, but what’s the problem with doing a primary debate?

McSally: We’re focused on the general election, we’ve got President Trump’s full endorsement, we’re all hands on deck in order to beat Mark Kelly.

McSally wouldn’t budge. Provided she wins the primary, she’ll face off against Mark Kelly, astronaut and husband of former democratic congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

Listen to the full interview below: