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The Three Keys to Advertising on Radio

1. The Right Audience

1030 The Voice has a loyal audience, that listens intently to our programming. If you are a business person, it is important to you to market your product or service to the right people and make sure your message gets heard. KVOI listeners are more likely to patronize your business because they heard about it on “their” station.

2. The Right Message

Our award-winning production department focuses on identifying your unique selling points and creating an attention-getting message. We are committed to your success, and success comes when the right people hear the right message.

3. The Right Frequency

Radio works when you have the right audience, the right message, and if people hear the ad enough times to make a decision. That is why frequency is so important. We are a locally owned and operated radio station and our rates are more affordable than the big radio groups. So you will be able to buy more commercials for less money and achieve the frequency needed to get results.

We specialize in designing advertising campaigns that target your market with a message designed to get results.

For information on advertising call 520-791-7208 or email our General Manager Patty Ruiz at [email protected] or fill out the following form.