Will Green Valley and Sahuarita Be Sent Packing to Santa Cruz County?

As many listeners might know I am on record favoring the Rosemont Mine. The jobs and economic benefits to our county could be considerable provided it’s owner – Augusta – responsively develops the operation.

But this proposed mine development is in danger of failure. Many in Pima County are troubled by what seems to be a last ditch banzai charge. A charge led by state senator Gail Griffin of Cochise County and a few others to introduce legislation, seemingly at the behest of Rosemont, to slice off the lower portion of Pima County and move it to Santa Cruz County, just to save the project.

This is the same crack pot scheme proposed by Randy Graf a few years back which was widely criticized.

As the Rosemont Mine, now in the ninth year of a five year plan of development further flounders, it seems this idea is additional proof, Rosemont will do anything, even something as goofy as moving southern Pima County into Santa Cruz. Neither county is likely to see the wisdom of this move.

It is hard to imagine that Senator Griffin got talked into this tempest which has divided the community for so long. The portion of Pima County most opposed to the mine is Green Valley, which has many reservations about the mine.

This is a bill which should die in committee and never to see the light of day.

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