Republicans Change Party Rules

Attention Republican men and women in Arizona and across America. Change is in the air… and it’s great news for our country and the world. Last week the Republican National Committee acted with overwhelming unity to change our party rules to help us take back the White House in 2016. The new rules will give Republican voters more chances than ever before to participate in the nomination process from the the grass roots up.

While Democrats attempt to ordain their nominee Republicans are providing a level playing field for viable candidates to win our nomination. Unlike the democrats, rank and file voters, delegates, state parties and the national party have taken back the process from the liberal media (determined to undermine a GOP nominee) as well as from the political consultancy class.

Friends, the responsibility of the Republican National Committee is not just to nominate a presidential candidate every four years but to actually elect a Republican to the presidency. The historic action taken by Republican leaders last week representing every state and territory may critical to our success in the next election.

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