Alert, Traffic Jam In New Jersey

A funny thing happened in New Jersey when the governor woke up and found himself in the middle of a month’s old traffic scandal over a lane closure on a bridge from Gotham city to Ft. Lee. And would you believe it……..The media was all over this story like a hobo on a ham sandwich.

Conveniently, for the president and his media allies, a traffic jam on the George Washington bridge became front page fodder across the country. While just one day before, Obama’s former Secretary of Defense called out both the president and Hillary Clinton for playing politics while our troops put their lives on the front lines in Iraq.

The Christie story eclipsed all else in the news. Of course, if you’ve been watching the news lately, there haven’t been any scandals at the white house since 2009. At least none reported or seriously investigated by the New York Times, CNN, NBC or MSNBC. They’ve been his cheer leaders..

Benghazi was never this interesting “what difference does it make?” Using the IRS to target political groups wasn’t a big deal. Giving guns to the cartels was nothing.

Curiously a traffic jam in New Jersey is making the news, while the NSA keeps spying on you, is still a failure, a border agent in Arizona was killed by arms supplied by the feds and an ambassador and three Americans were killed in cold blood.

Nobody has been held accountable at the White House. But, don’t forget the latest news, there was also a traffic jam in New Jersey last year.

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