Pres. Obama addresses the White House Summit on Working Families

President Obama, falling in the polls and failing on every front, has begun expressing frustration at what he can’t control. But one issue he could easily fix remains unaddressed: the pay gap between men and women on his staff. A new report to Congress shows women earn 12% less than men at the White House – virtually unchanged from the 13% differential when Obama took over. Since he describes the salary gap as a crisis in the nation at large, promising government action to erase it, why does he tolerate similar disparities in his own office? A statement from the administration says men get paid more because of greater experience and occupying more important positions – but that’s precisely the same reason males make more in the private sector, isn’t it? This embarrassing situation with his own bloated staff exposes the president’s deceptive political posturing, startling incompetence and rank hypocrisy.

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