UN and International Community Share Gaza Guilt

The United Nations headquarters building is pictured in Vienna

If the international community has nothing much to say about a governmental entity launching literally thousands of rockets against civilian targets in a neighboring nation, what does it say about the future stability and security of the United States and our allies?

The international community, and especially the United Nations, share responsibility with the terrorist thugs of Hamas for all the bloodshed in the current Gaza fighting. The United Nations Relief and Welfare Agency for Palestine (UNRWA) has propped up the murderous jihadist regime ever since it took power in 2007. The UNRWA budget now stands at $1.2 billion a year, with literally hundreds of millions poured directly into Gaza. The schools and youth programs run by the UN have included vicious, anti-Semitic propaganda in their curricula and gave in to Hamas demands to abandon even a modest experiment to teach children about the Holocaust.

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