U.S. Secretary of State Kerry meets with U.N. Secretary-General Ban in Jerusalem

There are only three possible outcomes in the Gaza War: a decisive Israeli victory, which dismantles the terror tunnels and reduces the capacity to launch rockets; another inconclusive cease fire, with no preconditions or resolution of key issues; or a deal dictated by the international community, where Hamas stops rockets in return for getting concessions on all its key demands. Amazingly, Secretary of State Kerry favored the third alternative – which would guarantee another war. That policy would reward the terrorists for starting a war, and then deliberately sacrificing hundreds of civilians in the ensuing conflict. If Hamas gains from violent attacks,why wouldn’t they use such strategies again? Only one resolution brings peace: demilitarization of Gaza with a clear message that attacks on your neighbors mean devastating results, not international sympathy. Unfortunately, misguided “moral equivalence” idiocy from the state department makes lasting truce vastly more difficult.

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