US Dept. of Veterans' Affairs Sec. Eric Shinseki during hearing on Capitol Hill

A new poll for Politico focused on the key battleground states for the 2014 election and showed overwhelming opposition to Obamacare. Only 11% of likely voters wanted to keep the Affordable Care Act intact and in place, without significant changes, and the current Veterans Administration scandal shows why this skepticism is totally justified.

If government can so blatantly break faith with veterans of our armed services, despite pledges by all recent presidents to make vets and their care a top priority, then why should ordinary citizens with no special claim on federal attention feel confident that they’ll get the care they need?

At the VA, constantly rising costs coexisted with intolerable, even deadly waits, falsified records, bureaucratic incompetence and endemic corruption. Such horrors will be in store for all of us unless Obamacare is significantly and promptly rolled back and replaced.

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