Julian Castro at his appointment to HUD Secretary

The appointment of San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development is seen as grooming for his selection as Democratic nominee for Vice President in 2016. Democrats worry that with two white candidates on their ticket they might lose the three-to-one advantage among non-white voters that Obama needed to win. Romney won the white vote by 20 points and if Obama had earned just the 70% non-white support more normal for Democratic candidates he would have lost the popular vote. Democrats feel vulnerable since two of the GOP’s youthful frontrunners – Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz – are Hispanic Americans and another serious contender, Bobby Jindal, is Asian-American. Jeb Bush’s wife of 40 years is a Mexican-born, naturalized US citizen. It won’t be easy to stigmatize Republicans in 2016 as a stuffy party of old white guys.

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