NFL logo and set are seen at New York's Radio City Music Hall before the start of the 2013 NFL Draft

In a shocking display of sexism, 32 prominent and highly-profitable
companies reviewed prospects from colleges across the country, hiring
nearly 250 recruits for their best-paying jobs, without selecting a single
This is especially disturbing since women comprise a big majority of
today’s university undergraduates. Why didn’t media and government
protest this men-only outrage? Because I’m talking about the NFL Draft in
which professional football teams select new players from the biggest stars
of the college level.
This process should help put the notorious male-female “wage gap” in
perspective. Even if women had the physical ability to earn millions as
NFL linemen, few would want to risk the pain and injury required. Men—
if you will allow me a generalization—are more fanatical about competition
than females. Just consider world championship chess, which hardly
requires physical size or strength, but is also an all-male affair.

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