Democrats worry endlessly about the impact of conservative money on politics—never acknowledging that the majority of the top donors to campaigns, both from organizations and individuals, are liberals.

In the last two presidential contests, Obama easily outspent his GOP rivals. Liberals also fail to acknowledge that spending money hardly guarantees a successful race. USA TODAY recently identified 159 candidates for the Senate and House since 2002 who spent more than a $1 million of their own money on their campaigns. The result? An astonishing 86% of these free-spending self-funders lost their races.

In this election cycle, Democrat David Alameel in Texas has already invested $9.3 million in a bid to unseat Republican Senator John Cornyn, but no political observer gives him a chance to win.

In life, as the old-saying goes, “money can’t buy happiness.” In politics, money can’t buy victory, either.

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