An Israeli soldier splashes water on his face as he stands atop  a tank outside the northern Gaza Strip

A big majority of Americans say Israel is justified in its response to Hamas, but a CNN/ORC poll shows revealing ideological differences in attitudes toward the Middle East.

Among Republicans, 73% stand with Israel, and with Independents that support hits 56%. But among Democrats only a minority—45%—feels the Jewish state is justified in its military response to stop rocket attacks and terror tunnels.

Across the spectrum, Americans who back Israel outnumber those who don’t by nearly two-to-one, but the reaction of Democrats reflects the left’s embrace of moral equivalence—and a rejection of clear distinctions between right and wrong.

Conservatives feel more comfortable with absolutes: sometimes, conflicts do involve a struggle between good and evil. In this war, Israel is fighting to put an end to violence; Hamas is fighting to continue and intensify terror.

One war aim is admirable. The other is evil.

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