Who Went To The NRA Convention? And Other Weekend Reading, Plus Books For The New Graduate.

Politico has the run-down of the 2016 possibles who made the trip to the annual NRA convention.

If you missed it, my article from the new Weekly Standard on the case of an “open convention” is here. One RNC insider emailed me a note that while the article raised interesting possibilities, I was wrong to have suggested that Rule 40 could be changed by September. It is a “locked-in” rule, and its requirement that any name placed in nomination before the GOP needs the majority support of at least 8 delegation makes the possibility of an open convention much more likely than even I suspected.

Archbishop Chaput made some very interesting remarks about Pope Francis during a symposium on St. Francis, which are reported by Patheos.

And this disturbing tidbit from Paul Miringoff at Powerline.

Finally, graduation approaches. There are three books I heartily recommend for the high school, college and professional school graduate (two of them my own):

1. You Don’t Have To Be Smart To Own A Smartphone by Hank Adler

Buy this in bulk for every new job-seeker and new employee you know. They should be handed out at the door of every law firm and big business welcoming new employees and interns. Author Hank Adler, retired Deloitte partner and Chapman University professor of accounting, joins me in hour three today to discuss:

2. The Happiest Life, by me, of course, and better to get this stuff down early rather than late in life:

3. In, But Not Of, again by me, but of all my books, the one most often brought up to me by people in their late 20s/early 30s as having impacted their lives:

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