The Twitter Primary

My Monday Washington Examiner column is on the “Twitter primary” already underway among would-be GOP 2016 nominees.

The Twitter primary numbers are much more revealing than the Iowa Poll from Sunday.

Online presence –especially as measured by Twitter “followers”-  is a fine measure of general appeal and overall significance, and it is not dependent on the opinions of 650 Iowans, so pay attention to those Twitter totals.

Congressman John Campbell sits in for me this week before I return on the 23rd for Christmas week and then a week broadcasting from New York required by the launch of The Happiest Life. My guess is Congressman Campbell isn’t happy with Chairman Ryan’s deal, but I don’t really know.  Listen to find out.

If the Senate does force changes in the Ryan-Murray compromise, perhaps it will roll back the hit on the retirement promises made to active duty military, the aspect of the deal which has drawn the most ire in the my email box and which deserves it.  Those who have sacrificed most ought not to be first in line to sacrifice.

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