The Next Christie Interview

Politico’s Maggie Haberman lays out the questions that remain in the aftermath of the epic “Longest Day” press conference by Chris Christie last week.

The two question she left out of an otherwise superb list is “When and how does he next engage with the press on this subject?”

Of course my show is open to him, and I’ll put in the routine request this morning and expect a routine denial. (You never know. He did an unexpected phoner from outside a UAW-dominated Lordstown, Ohio in October 2012 with me.)

My best suggestion would be the one I made over the weekend while talking with the gracious-but-relentless Larry Kudlow, who broadcasts from New Jersey and knows his scandal top-to-bottom.

The governor ought to request an entire hour of CNBC’s The Kudlow Report be given over to him and Larry –perhaps with a panel at some point, perhaps not– so that the governor assures himself of a tough but fair interview which is what he needs as step two. As Haberman points out, there are some unanswered questions, and Larry Kudlow knows what they are and was discussing them this weekend with me. If Christie sits down with the veteran broadcaster he will get a professional, thorough but fair opportunity to continue his candor offensive which is crucial at this moment.

After a sit-down with Kudlow the pot could be allowed to simmer for a few weeks with a “I did a two hour press conference and a one hour one-on-one, and that’s all I a moping to say until there are new developments that I haven’t spoken to yet. I will stay as candid as can be but I am not going to turn every day into another day of repeating exactly what I have already told everyone a couple of times.”

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