The Mynamar Apartheid/Genocide: Nicholas Kristof On The U.S.’s Failure In Burma In The Obama-Hillary-Kerry Years

Intrepid New York Times’ columnist Nicholas Kristof has recently filed a troubling column from Myanmar, long considered the sole “success” of the Hillary Clinton years at State and President Obama’s tragically fumbled, at-best-feckless foreign policy on every other front but the country formerly known as Burma.

Kristof, to his great credit as this column will win him no friends in Hillaryland or the White House, looks hard at the terrible underside of our emerging relationship with the Burmese. Read the column, then listen to or read the interview I conducted with Kristof Friday. Then read this story on the advance copy of Hillary’s memoir, obtained by the New York Times, which has zip to report of interest from getting the book, but nothing critical to say of Clinton’s record on Russia, Egypt, Syria, Libya, the PRC –or even Burma. When I spoke with Kristof a few months back –transcript and audio here– he cited Burma as the sole success he could point to on Hillary’s “win column.” But that was before he was given a journalist’s visa to the country and witnessed first hand what the president and his two secretaries of state have allowed to develop without much of a comment. The tragedy that is unfolding in Burma is just another chapter in a real account of Hillary’s tenure at State, which should be bluntly put before her as her book tour begins, just as her whereabouts and specific actions (and inactions) on the night of 9/11/12 should be.




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