The GOP 2016 In Johnny Cleveland’s Town

My Monday Washington Examiner column reviews all the reasons to send the 2016 GOP Convention to Cleveland. The biggest reason of all is that the GOP cannot win –has never won– the White House without Ohio’s electoral votes, and that it is the definition of a swing state, going to President Bush by 4% in 2000 and to President Obama by 3% in 2012 — by a 166,000 vote margin.

Cleveland’s got a great new Convention Center –on Twitter @clevemtgs– which Security Manager Mark Waters was kind enough to show me, my brother and nephew around on Saturday. The Center is .9 miles from Quicken Loans Arena, a walk through the heart of the restaurant region and plenty of hotels. The Center is adjacent to the new Global Center for Health Innovation, underground but facing the lake and First Energy Stadium, the Science Center, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and across from venerable Public Hall. Plenty of great public and private spaces abound, and of course the jewel of the great lakes, Lake Erie.

Of course there is this too. Johnny Football brings the Vince Lombardi trophy to Cleveland in early ’16, then the GOP brings the next president there in early summer. Don’t fight fate, RNC, don’t fight fate.

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    Hugh Hewitt
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