The Future of MSNBC

Eliana Johnson is among the best and the brightest of conservatism’s next generation of reporter-writers, and her look inside MSNBC from today’s NRO is fascinating. Is the bell tolling for Rachel Maddow et al?

Ratings aren’t great anywhere in tableland, but are particularly bad at MSNBC which:

is experiencing a free fall in its ratings, which are down 29 percent from 2012. A decline was expected after a presidential-election year, but MSNBC’s competitors did not suffer as acutely. Fox News was down only 5 percent in total viewers (it suffered far more in the coveted 25–54 demographic, where the network has persistently struggled); CNN’s numbers, under the stewardship of newly installed president Jeff Zucker, remained flat.

Both CNN and Fox have been repositioning their best talent and adding new shows with great talent –Megyn Kelly and Jake Tapper– to their primetime and restocking on next generation pundits. MSNBC has cratered and seems incapable of other than a crisis-driven move. Meanwhile The Blaze TV and other non-traditional platforms are beginning to do to cable what cable did to network 15 years ago. Tough times to be a network exec, especially if all your hosts have to find good things to say about Obamacrae and Hillary Clinton’s tenure at State.

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