The Closing Case For Doug Ducey and A Conversation with Tom Ricks About His “Moving Left”

My Washington Examiner column today reviews how Doug Ducey put together a broad coalition that is allowing him to grow a lead in Arizona even with so-cal;ed “dark money” from Big Government Republicans and liberals pounding him on radio and television.

Opening today’s show will be an hour’s conversation with veteran reporter and author Tom Ricks, whose Making the Corps, Fiasco and The Generals established him as one of the key voices on defense issues in D.C. over the past two decades. Ricks spent eight years covering the military fro the Washington Post and twice as long doing so for The Wall Street Journal before the Post before leaving papers to join Foreign Policy, where his pieces are must reads for anyone following any of the related debates. We will of course talk about the spiral in Iraq and our debt to the Kurds (Ricks is one of the few guests you will on media anywhere today who has actually seen Sinjar Mountain), but we will also be talking at length about his provocative piece from Politico Magazine from late last month: “Why I Am Moving Left.” Don’t miss the interview in the show’s first our or any of the other guests who will be joining me to discuss the Iraq crisis. We may have a full scale civil war in Baghdad and not just Western Iraq to discuss.

If I were king of the forest –not queen, not duke, not earl– I’d summon Ricks, John F. Burns Rajiv Chandrasakeran, Dexter Filkins and Robert Kaplan to a studio already filled with Generals David Petraeus, John Allen, Stanley McChrytsal and James Mattis, and SecDefs Gates, Rumsfeld, and Panetta and have at it for a couple of days of candid conversation about the last 25 years and the next, moderated by Jake Tapper, Stephen Pressfield and myself, thus producing the most interesting mid-morttem of the war in which we find ourselves still and for the foreseeable future. Perhaps a philanthropist will step up…or a network executive with a brain.

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