The Benghazi Select Committee: Move It Forward Without Democrats If Necessary

Nancy Pelosi is demanding half of the seats on the Select Committee on Benghazi –a recipe for paralysis continued cover-up and one that should be immediately dismissed by House Leadership and the Committee established with five empty seats of the 12 total which the minority leader can fill up until the day of the first hearing.

The Democrats’ favorite talking point with regard to the Select Committee is the term “witch hunt,” which Maryland Democrat Chris Van Hollan used on MSNBC last night. Please send me any references to said hunt as you come across them via

The Washington Post’s Greg Sargent has figured out he has to cover the Select Committee but can’t quite find the tone yet, trying today to label the Select Committee investigation into a 9/11 terror attack that left four Americans dead and a cover-up in its wake a media conspiracy, the product of the “CEC” –Conservative Entertainment Complex– which puts Sargent perilously close to sounding like the old right wing conspiracy theorists who thought that the networks and the big three newspapers plus Time and Newsweek controlled the news via daily conference call in the old days.

The Washington Examiner’s Mark Tapscott summarizes the Democrats’ strategy for the investigation: “Deny, Delay, Disrupt, Discredit.”

Not going to work. Too much attention. Too much focus. Too much talent being assembled under the chairmanship of Trey Gowdy.

I’ll be devoting most of today’s and tomorrow’s program to setting the stage for the Select Committee and reviewing its members once named (and hopefully the senior staff –the Chief Counsel, spokesman and director of social media) will follow shortly. Rather than moan and groan and become complicit in the Administration’s cover-up, there ought to be at least one or two Democrats and left-of-center pundits who want to actually find out what happened the night of 9/11/12, and why.

Journalism cannot be that dead that there aren’t any reporters who prefer a smile from the president and a cookie at the White House media Christmas party to a story that already grips much of the nation because however much the Manhattan-Beltway media elite refuse to believe it, the country cares very much about the dead and their families and the terrorists who filled them and the government officials who covered up what happened

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