Talking “Noah” With Ari Handel

Ari Handel wrote “Noah” with director Darren Aronofsky, and given that the story of the flood is easily among the top two or three best known stories in the world, I was interested in how he approached the challenge. Having seen the film –most of the controversies swirling around it are on the spectrum from silly to absurd– I was intrigued about how he and Aronofsky built a compelling and surprising script from the five sparse chapters of Genesis devoted to Noah. What, after all, does it mean to be “righteous?” And how about those Nephilim in Chapter 6? A dozen years of Catholic education and lots and lots of reading in theology since then really didn’t explain this mystery, so it is an inviting angle in an amazing story, and of course I expected the special effects would be riveting…and they are. There is one sequence, which I discuss with Handel but don’t give away in key detail, which is haunting and he explains it without spoiler in our chat.

So read the interview (the transcript of which will be posted here soon), go see the movie, and brush up on Genesis 5-9. Every Christian certainly should if only to be ready to talk about the flick with a non-believeing friend –it isn’t every day Hollywood pours hundreds of millions into a Bible story. I will be off this coming week, with Guy Benson filling in for me, but I’ll be back on 3/31 the Monday after the movie’s release, and the debate on the films merits is something to look forward to.

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