Springtime In Washington: Watching The Obamacare Spin Bloom and Russia Grow

My Washington Examiner column this morning concerns vast cohort of older Americans and the highly unlikely prospect of their being spun on the reality of Obamacare, no matter how many press conferences and speeches the president delivers. Watching the spin unravel under the wight of the reality of the fractured and ever more expensive health care system won’t be entertaining given the misery involved, but it will be highly informative for a country readying to vote in crucial midterms.

Meanwhile the Ukraine crisis which John Kerry was supposed to have solved last week lurched back into crisis mode, and the New York Times begins its take down of a second GOP would-be opponent of Hillary –former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. Spring has come to the Manhattan-Beltway media, and its trials include ignoring the same story line in the democratic camp -Bill Clinton, Harry Reid– as is pursued with GOPers like Jeb Bush. Familiar and comforting, as is the history of midterms in the sixth year of a presidency.

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    Hugh Hewitt
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