Setting Up The 2016 GOP Debates: Thoughts On The “Reince Reforms”

My Monday Washington Examiner column “For The Republican Debates, Every Detail Counts” is far longer than my standard op-ed for the site. That’s because I spoke with RNC Chair Rience Priebus on air Thursday –audio and transcript here– and starting thinking through the enormity of the changes he is working and how they could, just could, deliver the GOP nominee a huge advantage going into the 2016 general election. The details of these debates will of course decide the wisdom of the reforms themselves. The piece spells out some of the challenges ahead in hammering out those details.

I’ll be talking about the piece on Tuesday’s show. (Memorial Day features a rebroadcast of my three hour conversation with Victor Davis Hanson on the history of war as we spend the day remembering those who fell in those conflicts.) Send me your comments directly on the suggestions I make to the RNC via or via the comments button at the Examiner.

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    Hugh Hewitt
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