Send Ahmed Abu Khattala To Gitmo

Faithless Execution

Congrats to our SF and the FBI, but why is Ahmed Abu Khattala being brought to US and not Gitmo? He’s a terrorist, an unlawful combatant, not a mobster.

I am spending the first hour of the show on the House GOP leadership races –see this post below for my full explanation of the many benefits that would attach to a Labrador win– but Andrew McCarthy will be in my California studios for the last two hours of the show. He’s here to talk about his new book Faithless Execution: Building The Political Case for Obama’s Impeachment, but of course I will ask the prosecutor of the Blind Sheik what he thins about bringing the butcher of Benghazi to a U.S. courtroom and not a Gitmo military tribunal. For those of you wondering, I’d ask my colleague Robert C. O’Brien to join me as well, as O’Brien was just at Gitmo, but O’Brien is locked in an arbitration in Singapore. I’ll track down Frank Gaffney if possible. This decision seems another nakedly political and dangerous choice by an absurdly feckless president and the Keystone Cops he is surrounded by.


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