Scott Walker Assesses Hillary’s Record: “She was good at flying around the world…”

While MSM is desperately trying to get another “email takes down governor” story going vis-a-vis Scott Walker, the Wisconsin Governor came on my show Wednesday and I asked him about 2016 and the prospects of facing Hillary on the debate stage with so many debacles roiling the world that she, her successor John Kerry, and President Obama had failed to prevent or even ameliorate.

The complete transcript of the conversation is here. Governor Walker’s first take on Hillary’s record:

I think the biggest problem that Secretary of State Clinton has is much bigger than just that, it’s that she is throughout her adult life, she has been a product of Washington, whether she’s been there, worked there, Secretary of State, United States Senator, not only first lady, but back to her days working on the Hill. And I think Americans now more than ever have had it with the whole bunch in Washington, and they want somebody to come in, actually, they want a group of people to come in and completely turn things around and reform things, and put the power back in the hands of the hard-working people of this country. So I think for her, her connection, her longevity connected to Washington, more than anything, is going to be a huge liability for her.

Not specific enough for me as to Hillary’s time at Foggy Bottom, so I posed the question a second time:

HH: Was she a failure as Secretary of State?

SW: Well, I have a hard time pointing to many successes. I mean, you look at, you mention the problems around the world. She was good at flying around and traveling, but I have a hard time seeing any major victories for this country, and for what it means across the world up there. And again, there’s a lot of uncertainty in this world, and now more than ever, one of the things I forget about, people talk, you know, nostalgically about Ronald Reagan. I was someone who came of age when he became the President. I just had turned 13 two days before he was elected in 1980. But I look at that, and I remember fondly not only because he was a great communicator, and what I like more than anything was his great optimism. But I think back to early in his presidency when he took on the air traffic controllers. That, in effect, seemed like a domestic policy, but I would argue it was kind of the beginning of the end of the Cold War. Why? Because people knew anywhere around the world that this guy was serious, and he meant something, that he was going to act on it, and amazingly, actually, during his presidency, he had very limited military engagement, because people knew they weren’t going to mess with the United States.

Hillary was a disaster as Secretary of State, a recognition dawning on Hillary supporters everywhere, one that makes them touchy (and thus Bob Beckel’s flail-out at me on yesterday’s The Five, no doubt reacting to this column and this interview with Charles Krauthammer. If you are a supporter of Team Clinton, you want everyone to pretend that she was an accomplished, successful SecState, when in fact wherever she traveled, chaos and/or loss of American prestige and influence has followed –Russia, Ukraine, the Middle East, China and South America. Her supporters will try and blame President Obama and of course he owns the ultimate responsibility, but Hillary’s problem generally is that she was a terrible trustee of America’s interests abroad.

Her specific problem? That eventually folks will realize we know more about Scott Walker’s and Chris Christie’s deputy chief of staff SPAM folder than we do about Hillary’s actions the night of 9/11/12 when she vanished and left Gregory Hicks and everyone under siege in Libya to their own devices.

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    Hugh Hewitt
  • Hugh Hewitt is a lawyer, law professor, and broadcast journalist. A proficient blogger, Hugh Hewitt has one of the most visited political blogs in the U.S.

Hugh Hewitt is a lawyer, law professor, and broadcast journalist. A proficient blogger, Hugh Hewitt has one of the most visited political blogs in the U.S.

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