Rain, Blizzard, Morning Joe With Mika…The Happiest Life Launch Tour Continues

NYC continues to welcome the New Year with absurdly lousy weather, and getting up and around for the morning shows –Fox & Friends yesterday and Morning Joe today– makes for brisk wake-up walks.

Mika Brezizinski (and Willie Geist, Harold Ford, Steve Rattner and Brian Sullivan) proved quite the charming and welcoming host. Always interesting to appear on a television show for the first time and see how the entire team on and off air operates. Obviously a very well run group there, and very fair to the book though I doubt there was anyone within 100 yeards of the set who agrees with my politics.

Now for a day of radio, already begun with a great chat with the always generous Bill Bennett. Get your copies of The Happiest Life for yourself and family here, and don’t miss a great show today that will include Mediate’s Noah Rothman and Buzzfeed’s Ben Smith live from our New York studios, along with Thursday superstars Mark Steyn and Lileks.

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    Hugh Hewitt
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