President Chance the Gardener: 30 Months To Go

President Obama defended his actions today….

That’s like the opening line in the refrain in a cover version of “American Pie” for the worst president in modern times.

It isn’t even remarkable that Susan Rice managed to pull a major lie out of her hat on the Sunday shows yet again.

Nothing surprises about the collection of third stringers left hanging around the White House and the agencies. “As hire As,” Donald Rumsfeld famously remarked, “and Bs hire Cs.” What do Ds hire?

The left froths at the name Rumsfeld, as they do with Cheney and Bush but there isn’t much doubt in rational minds which team was serious, talented, and always focused on the biggest issues though their problem set was so much larger and unknown than the one President Obama faces on an intermittent basis when his golf and travel schedule doesn’t get in the way.

30 months to go. 30 long months…..


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    Hugh Hewitt
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