Minnesota and 2014

First, read the report of Archbishop Chaput’s recent remarks on the subject of the growing Latino-American population. Especially this challenge he issued to American Catholics:

“Ask yourselves if you’re really putting all your talents, all your efforts, and also your material resources into making sure that Latino Catholics receive appropriate formation,” he said, “from the most basic catechesis, to the preparation of our senior lay leaders, to the education of our future Hispanic priests.”

That exhortation is an excellent model for a call to American conservatives vis-a-vis their ideological as opposed to theological convictions and with the new American demographics as a whole in mind –not just with Latino-Americans, but with Asian-Americans and African-Americans as well.

Allowing the GOP to be cast as old and white is capitulation to a Manhattan-Beltway media elite meme, and denies the basic truth of the American Founding, stated in the Declaration and restated by Lincoln at Gettysburg. When the GOP takes the Senate in November, it ought to fashion an immigration law and border security overhaul –one fashioned from new, younger voices, armed with new, younger ideas on how to balance security and openness– built around border security and an expansive welcome to those who are already here who are not bad actors.

The GOP is actually alive with young voices and ideas on these subjects, and has to escape the media vise that wants to cast it as the party of old white guys. But that is post-November planning which, while urgently needed to be underway privately right now just as judicial confirmation planning needs to be underway right now, has to take a backseat to the politics of right now.

Until November, the focus has to be on winning as many Senate seats and state houses as possible, and the backdrop for the GOP’s appeal is the malaise into which the country has sunk, led their by the Golfer-in-Chief, abetted by a MSM hungry for “narratives” like Ferguson that, while very serious, are nevertheless diversions from the enormous threats gathering in western Iraq and elsewhere across the globe and from an economy stuck in neutral and perhaps not even that. Which brings me to Mike McFadden, the main reason I am headed north to the Minnesota State Fair home of my affiliate AM 1280 The Patriot, with which I have partnered for 15 years. I am off to Minnesota for a couple of days broadcasting at the State Fair which I hope will help Mike McFadden persuade the Gopher State to get serious about sending a serious senator to D.C. in McFadden, not the quiet joker Al Franken.

Does anyone really believe that Al Franken is up to these times? To these threats? Or that non-Governor Dayton is superior to GOP nominee Jeff Johnson? Franken was, is, and remains a joke. Casting a vote for him is dishonorable, a rejection of America’s role in the world.

Seriously, Franken is unserious. That he has been “quiet” through his six years is an admission that Franken had nothing to say to begin with. An empty suit. A cipher. A not-very-funny stand-up comic. Minnesota, and the country, deserves better.

Minnesota is a “light blue” state, but it is very winnable. It elected a great American in Norm Coleman to the Senate in 2002 only to see the seat stolen from him in 2008. The state elected a fine man and tremendous governor in Tim Pawlenty only to turn the statehouse over to a marginally coherent “legacy” candidate who has always won because of the name he inherited not the ideas he has proposed and pursued –which are, well, just nuts. Minnesota needs top get serious, like the times.

I’ll be at the Minnesota State Fair Thursday and Friday in the AM 1280 booth to push for McFadden and Johnson, but mostly for voters everywhere to take the opportunity to commit to making the fall campaign a turnaround time, not just for Minnesota but for the country. Lileks, the Powerline gang, and even the dreaded FratersLibertas Yancey Street Gang will be helping me, and I hope you will pitch in by supporting McFadden and Johnson, and other GOPers like Doug Ducey running for governor in Arizona and Tom Cotton seeking a Senate seat in Arkansas.

The fall is upon us and the need for the country to rally to the idea that it doesn’t have to sink into President Obama-led eclipse. It take energy, money and especially resolve at every level. I think I see that forming up, and just in time.

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    Hugh Hewitt
  • Hugh Hewitt is a lawyer, law professor, and broadcast journalist. A proficient blogger, Hugh Hewitt has one of the most visited political blogs in the U.S.

Hugh Hewitt is a lawyer, law professor, and broadcast journalist. A proficient blogger, Hugh Hewitt has one of the most visited political blogs in the U.S.

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