Jack Kingston for Georgia

Below my friend and contributor Clark Judge makes the obvious case for Mitch McConnell’s renomination by the Kentucky GOP for the United States Senate McConnell should be leading in January if current polling holds steady between now and November. (There are many good reasons to believe it will get even worse for Dems and President Obama.)

Another primary held today in in Georgia, and I am hoping my friend Jack Kingston gets promoted from House to Senate. Kingston is a staunch friend of the military, a fiscal hawk on the Budget Committee, and one of the very first elected GOPers to grasp the importance of social media, hosting me at a gathering of his colleagues when my 2005 book Blog came out, and since then relentlessly adopting every new technology and platform that came along.

Kingston would be great for Georgia in the Senate and great for the country as a whole. I hope my friends in the Peach State put Kingston over the top tonight.

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    Hugh Hewitt
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