ISIS and Jordan

Most eyes are watching Israel’s escalating battle with Hamas. The same or more attention should be paid on the ISIS assault on Jordan. The New York Times has it figured it, as does John Ford writing in The Daily Caller.

The president seems committed to ignoring the growing threat from al Qaeda which is anything but decimated. Mitchell Silber writes in today’s Wall Street Journal about the threat posed by jihadis returning from the expanding frontlines, and again the Obama Administration seems not to connect its passivity in Iraq and throughout the region with this growing threat.

I admit to being interested in whether the GOP picks Cleveland and if LeBron comes home, and to wondering if Jason Chaffetz knows something very people know, but behind it all is the looming threat These days, every other story is just a distraction from the main one, just as the debates and controversies of the summer of 2001 are long forgotten.

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    Hugh Hewitt
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