Imagine House GOP Majority Leader Raul Labrador…

appearing on Telemundo and Univision daily, or answering MSM’s “gotcha” immigration questions in Spanish on Meet the Press or face the Nation or This Week?

Imagine this Puerto Rico born son of a single mom being asked about the 1%?

Imagine a Mormon missionary who has worked in the slums of Chile talking about the keystone of religious liberty in this country?

A parent of five talking about the challenges of paying for college, raising kids in this culture?

A man of the West talking about federal intrusion into states’ rights?

Electing Raul Labrador as GOP House Leader would be the boldest, best political stroke in a generation, guaranteeing the GOP the Senate, gains in the House, and a huge strategic advantage going into the negotiations over the immigration bill in 2015 and even the presidential campaign in 2016.

Will a majority of House GOP Members wake up to the obvious over the weekend? Will their constituents track them down and tell them the obvious, hold them accountable for doing the obvious?

Will GOP national leadership and especially the donor class, used to agonizing in public over Hispanic outreach, burn up the phones urging Kevin McCarthy to do a historic thing and step aside, assuring him of continued support as Whip and continued influence in the inner room?

Will Speaker Boehner make his tenure historic for at least open thing, by sponsoring Labrador’s rise and enthusiastically teaching him to prepare for taking over the gavel? Big moment for the GOP, and one that will tell us volumes about everyone involved. “How did you vote on McCarthy-Labrador?” will be a question asked of a lot of sitting pols for years to come, and whom did you support of activists and pundits alike not just this summer but for a long time

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    Hugh Hewitt
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