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Hillary’s book tour sit downs with journalists begin soon. My Monday Washington Examiner column lays out how a serious journalist would frame the questions on Benghazi for Hillary. Given that the leaked Benghazi chapter was intended to foreclose tough, sustained questions on the subject, the pressure will be Diane Sawyer, Robin Roberts, Greta Van Susteren, Bret Baier and whomever else gets a shot at asking the former Secretary of State about her memoir.

The question set I propose would take an hour to work through, but if pursued it would lead to the most memorable television interview in many decades.

The column had to be filed on Saturday, however, and the exchange of five terrorists for Bowe Bergdahl occurred after it went in. To all of the other questions I would add a few about the long running negotiations that led up to the exchange. Jake Tapper has the background is a finely reported piece, and Hillary ought to be asked if she was ever consulted on the details while in office and whether she supported the negotiations then and what she makes of the policy now executed which sends an unmistakable signal to the Taliban and al Qaeda that the prisoners at Gitmo that bargains can be struck if they grab Americans and simply wait it out.

I’ll be talking about the exchange on today’s show. Powerline’s Scott Johnson has a quick take on Secretary Hagel’s non-defense of the deal from yesterday’s MTP. The decision to move forward –coming after the president’s declaration of an intent to bolt Afghanistan in two years and an incoherent and widely-panned West Point speech are more evidences of a wheels-coming-off Administration. To replace it with a weary, embattled and credibility-broken failed Secretary of State does not seem like a way to restore the massive damage of the Obama era. So one wholes the interviewers do their jobs and ask the tough and very valid questions laid out in my column.

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