Happy Talk All Week Long: NYC, San Diego, Irvine and La Crescenta

Two on Sunday, one on Wednesday and Friday night live in NYC at Socrates in the City.

I will be talking about The Happiest Life with host Eric Metaxas on Friday night the 21st at 7 in NYC, but I may turn the tables and interview him about Bonhoeffer and 7 Men.

Tomorrow –Sunday– I begin the day in Irvine at 9 AM, interviewing Don Barkley of Search Ministries for the Ask A Christian Series at the Irvine Presbyterian Church. Previous interviews in the series are here.

Sunday evening at 6 PM finds me at The Village Church in Rancho Santa Fe, back on the subject of The Happiest Life.

And Wednesday night I will be at La Crescenta Presbyterian Church at 6:30 PM, talking The Happiest Life and doing a book signing.

The reception given the new book in both secular settings like Socrates in the City and Book TV and the incoming requests from churches to speak on it tells me I hit that sweet spot of the aisles on Christian living, self help and memoir converge. If you’d like me or any of our terrific line up of speakers to address your group or church, just go here, browse and book by and following the directions.

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