“Halloween 2014″ by Tarzana Joe: An Ode For An Election Weekend Eve Halloween

“Halloween 2014″ by Joe “Tarzana Joe” Santi

On this, the darkest night of nights

Of beastly dreams and ghostly lights

I try to dodge the Devil’s host

And ponder on what scares me most

A poet, I’m a timid fellow

The streak that spans my back is yellow

If you say, “Boo!”

I have a hunch

That’s quite enough to lose my lunch

I don’t let ravens near my hearth

Or heavy breathers known as Darth

I see a threat in every shadow

I’m scared to death of Rachel Maddow

I don’t care what my father said

Monsters lurk beneath my bed

And when I peek, I pause and posit

If they’re not there, they’re in the closet

If I don’t see it, still I fear it

That nasty creaking! Don’t you hear it?

Yes, every sound can raise a hackle

Like Hillary’s annoying cackle

Now comes a thought

That’s far more troubling

That scars the lungs

Like brimstone bubbling

A throbbing thought that far exceeds

The claws that reach, the brain that bleeds

That speeds at night from hell’s own vortice

And grips my soul like rigor mortis

What scares me most?

Here’s my confession

The Senate In a Lame Duck Session

Spare us spirits!

Hear and Heed

Deliver us from Harry Reid

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