David Perdue for U.S. Senate In Georgia

Breaking my vacation routine to comment on the Georgia Senate race.

I supported Jack Kingston from the start of this race. I’ve known him a long time and he’s a good man. But he came up short yesterday, and that means I am all for David Perdue now. It is vital that the GOP hold this seat if the effort to recover the Senate from Harry Reid is to be successful.

I’ll contribute to Perdue’s coffers when I am back and hope you’ll do so at least with a small contribution asap, and I will have him on the show often, and perhaps Jamie Weinstein or Ed Morrissey will host him in my absence. The late run-off gave Democrats an advantage here, and the Dems will try and swipe a seat here using a legacy candidate as they have done in Arkansas with the Pryor name and Colorado and New Mexico with the Udall name. Legacy candidates in the Senate are almost always mere shadows of their more famous forerunners. If you like Mark Pryor, you’ll love Michelle Nunn –a rote yes vote for Harry Reid and thus way out of step with the state’s they are supposed to represent.

David Perdue is a self-made man and will make a fine senator. Perhaps The Varsity will allow me to do a remote broadcast from its fine environs on his behalf given that he’s a Georgia Tech alum and this great eatery is across the street. We’ll see but the point is that everyone in the Georgia GOP and the national party has to rally to David Perdue, just as Jack Kingston already has. The days of going home mad when your candidate comes up short have to be over, and Perdue is a conservative with valuable private sector experience.

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    Hugh Hewitt
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