Common Core Gets Knocked –By The Left

This is the sort of story that ought to give everyone rallying to the defense of Common Core pause. When critics of the Common Core appeared in great numbers on the right, the instinctive reaction of Team Obama and many school districts across the country was to dismiss them.

Now comes “an acclaimed high school principle” from Long Island Carol Burris, who states flatly that Common Core is a “disaster.”

“We see kids,” Burris added, “they don’t want to go to school anymore.”

The New York Times’ story continues:

Leaders of both parties in the New York Legislature want to rethink how the state uses the Common Core.

The statewide teachers’ union withdrew its support for the standards last month until “major course corrections” took place.

Obamacare and its terrible rollout and worse consequences will be the focus of much of the 2014 campaign, but Common Core will be crippling candidates across the country as well.

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    Hugh Hewitt
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