Climate Change and “Hard Choices”

For the very reason that many on the left will not see the enormous number of chuckles coming from today’s lead op-ed in the New York Times will cause –“Climate Change Doomed The Ancients”– they will not see the unintended consequence of having former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton read her own memoir “Hard Choices.” To be oblivious to the obvious is a trait of the hard left, and if they listen to James Lileks and me discussing Hillary’s reading of her “author’s note,” they won’t get it at all.

But everyone in my radio audience did and will continue to do so as I devote much of Tuesday’s program to the former Secretary of State’s almost inexplicable decision to turn her memoir of her non-decisions at State into the Woodstock of cliches, all delivered in a combination monotone, forced light-heartedness, and deadly earnestness that produced the first weaponized audiobook ever released. As one listener put it on Twitter: “This is what you get when the ghostwriter is paid by the cliche.”

Well, prepare yourself. More of Hillary is on the way today and for the next 18 months and perhaps for as long as the next 10 years.

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    Hugh Hewitt
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