118 Members For Raul Means A Huge GOP Win in November, But “K Street Kevin” Is The Favorite

Are there 118 GOP House Members who can see the enormous political gains to be made by making Raul Labrador their new leader? Certainly John Boehner has no interest in turning the table over in the House, but every House member who is running for Senate should support Labrador, and every House member locked out by the Boehner-good-old-boys club as well. House GOP Whip Kevin McCarthy has many friends of course, and they want their buddy to rise up a rung, but what really helps the cause of conservatism: a moderate from a deep blue state as Leader, or a real conservative in the job -and a Spanish-speaking son of a single mom from Puerto Rico to boot? The betting is on “K Street Kevin” winning despite last week’s earthquake in Virginia’s 7th. The GOP never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity, so not even the ground shaking in Virginia last week will wake them up. After all, they all have big leads in their own district polling. Just like Eric Cantor did… Some will try to warn them. But standing pat when it takes less work is a pretty easy choice for most of the back benchers.

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    Hugh Hewitt
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