THCC Strongly Condemns Comments by Huppenthal

Inappropriate and distasteful blog comments made by Superintendent of Public Instruction Huppenthal have led to calls for his resignation and for a recall effort. The Tucson Hispanic Chamber strongly condemns his anonymous blog comments and his inadequate explanation for his hurtful words. Huppenthal’s comments continue the gross misperceptions about Arizona by the rest of the nation. He fuels the misperception that our residents support bigotry and completely lack the sensitivity to embrace the growing demographic changes in our region. Voters placed him in office and he has treated that office with disrespect by voicing opinions that do not reflect the opinions of his constituents.

The Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce promotes and values the bilingual and bicultural business community. Huppenthal’s comments show his disregard for the value of the rich diversity of the school children his office supports. Huppenthal must be held accountable for his inflammatory comments.

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