Cart Before the Horse

The left is hyper focused on “income inequality” and they believe that message will resonate with the American people.  This is more about politics and winning elections than it is about actually helping people rise up the ladder of the American dream. The first order of business should be to create an environment for business expansion that leads to job creation. Then you need to have people with the training, education and experience for those jobs.

Having the income inequality conversation now, with so many people not able to find a job and therefore having no income, is insensitive and irresponsible. Once business people and entrepreneurs are freed to begin creating economic opportunity for others we will be ready for that discussion. Fear of the unknown holds these folks back. Frankly our elected officials need to help with this by ending unnecessary government regulation and red tape that is holding us back. Then we need the work force for these jobs.

The lefts focus on education is right, but it isn’t universal. They believe a college degree is the key to upward mobility. That is true if it is a STEM (science, technology, engineering or math) degree, but most of our kids aren’t majoring in those areas.  My oldest son got his degree in computer engineering. There were only 70 kids getting degrees in his department which included electrical, optical and computer engineering. That was out of 4,000 students graduating that day.

We also have a great need for skilled workers like electricians, plumbers, medical technicians, machinists or mechanics. We would be better served to encourage the majority of kids who aren’t going to benefit from a liberal arts degree to seek vocational training. So before we get the cart before the horse, let’s deal with the real issue; jobs.

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    Doug Martin
  • Doug Martin is President and GM of Good News Radio Broadcasting Inc. He sits on the board of 4 Tucson.

Doug is the CEO of GNRB.

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